On February 4th, people of Dayton came together to learn. With ages ranging from 8 to 71, it was a very diverse group. 56 people, including students, educators and community members were introduced to the experience of “hacking” and agile learning. The event had two major parts- in the morning everyone learned how to code and build electronic circuits. Then, in the afternoon, teams worked together to solve one of three challenges.

The event was a fun experience where fast-paced, collaborative learning was put to the test. Everyone got a whole semester’s worth of learning in one day. This is an example of how teaching could be in our classrooms. This make-a-thon was based on a successful one that Dayton took part in last year to introduce agile learning to other schools in the Yamhill county.

We give thanks to our wonderful sponsors for all the support they have shown, not only with the make-a-thon, but with our wild adventures at our school. The sponsors included The City of Dayton, Sage Restaurant, and Spirit Mountain Casino for their community grant.  We’d also like to thank Derek Runberg from Sparkfun for teaching us and making this not only a challenge, but a fun experience.